Other July Adventures

July was a JAM PACKED month!

After my family left, I caught a flight to London the next morning at 7 AM. it was rough. I thought the airport would be empty, but I honestly could have used 30 more minutes than I allowed myself pre-flight. Note to all: add 30 minutes to the estimated time to get through security, and for people flying to the USA, add an hour.

The quarterly meeting was a good time, since I was able to get together with my team members that were spread across the continent. The time difference was tough when we were trying to conference with the USA team members, but that didn’t take too much time. I stayed outside of the city (unfortunately) in a golf course like community of Chalfont/St. Giles, where the “HQ” of the office is for the UK. Went there, got to the office, left, checked into hotel, ate, drank, bed, more meetings, and flew back out. Quick trip. I DID get to see the new Heathrow terminal.. so swanky. it was awesome. wish I had more time in the airport!

I had to get back to prepare for the Chamberlains coming to visit! They decided to take a Euro Trip, and went to Northern Ireland with a friend, over to Germany to see a niece and her husband, and then ended up in Dublin to see me. They took a bus from the airport and met me in the city center. It felt really good to have Rhett’s parent’s over here.


By now, they were adjusted to the European time difference, so I didn’t need to let them take naps. We hopped on the Green Bus and toured around Dublin, stopping at the most important place:

16707_10202685099274183_5405567868240578518_n 10441333_10202532894629162_2453126695027979911_n

We also stopped at the Dawson Lounge… this sign is a recurring joke here in Ireland. Carlsberg’s slogan is “PROBABLY the greatest beer in the world” and so there are tons of adverts here that say.. “Probably the best…etc” and my dad LOVED it. This is “PROBABLY the smallest pub in the world”

Dawson Lounge

Dawson Lounge

I also took them to Jameson and let them sample the delicious whiskey.. eventually though, it was time to head back to my place. I have a picture of Kathe curled up on the sofa with the best comfy blanket in the world, but I’ll spare her the picture on this page.

I took them down to Greystones on a pre-loaded DART card, but I was SO bummed that it was foggy. It’s a completely different experience.. no scenery, and the train ride wasn’t even a quarter as good as it would be with a clear day. In Ireland, you cannot predict the weather. For fun, look up a Dublin weather prediction. They use words like “Fresh” and “occasionally hazy” and “bright” to describe the weather. Doesn’t mean anything…. The weathermen double as politicians! **joke**

Took the train the entire opposite way up, and went to Howth. The weather was better here- great views:

997020_10202685099634192_4657869195383816102_n 10461371_10202685099914199_2030475174915267017_n

We ate at the Brass Monkey- Highly Recommend. They don’t have a beer license, which is interesting, but we were able to squeeze in between reservations. The waitress asked if we could eat and leave within an hour- Steven looked at her and said “Yep, we’re American, we can do that.” Perfect answer. It was chilly so we all ordered soup… I ordered one type and Kathe ordered the other.. we decided that we liked the other person’s better than our own, so we changed! Was a perfect arrangement. Had some amazing calamari, and I stand by my decision to go to Howth for seafood.

On the last night, we had some beers on my terrace, and enjoyed each other’s company. I missed them, I had become so used to seeing them when I lived at home August-January! Can’t wait to see them soon. Rhett was felt the entire time, and I know that he would have loved the fact that his parents finally flew over to Europe and did some travelling over here.

This was the last of my July visitors… Phew!

After this, I had a few weeks for things to calm down visitor wise… but then I was gearing up for Elizabeth and Sarah Beth to come visit in August! And a few more things to get into in July…


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