Cheaney Family Adventure 2014- part 1

Ah.. the summer month. Yep, they usually consider July to be the only month of full summer here. It was actually a great summer, and rained less here than it did in Raleigh!

First July visitors- my family! I was so lucky to be able to host my family for 10 days- July 4 to the 14th. We seriously did not stop moving. I had 4 tickets to the Kings of Leon concert the night they landed. I wasn’t sure if Ben was going to be able to join us (as he got a job in Chicago for the summer) so I didn’t want to have an extra ticket. Since he ended up tagging along (and I’m glad!) Mom decided to stay in and relax after a day of running around Dublin post-transatlantic flight.


And… it rained. Not heavy, but a steady mist. Concert was great, it was funny to watch all the people around us, and was a good time with Dad, Ben, and Michael. Afterwards… not so much. Took over an hour to get a cab, miserable and wet, and felt SO good to get back to my apartment.

We made the usual Dublin stops… Guinness, quick Jameson drink, and the double decker bus.


A few of the mornings, Michael wanted to do a long run so I went out with him! Mom & Dad usually came along.


We made our way up to Belfast by train. Taking the train is by FAR my favorite way to travel. It’s relaxing, you can watch the scenery outside, and you don’t have to worry about the size of your luggage or whether or not you have liquids. We checked in to our awesome B&B that was recommended by a BlackCab driver, had a quick lunch, and (of course) had to go to the Titanic museum. It took a long time- I’m pretty sure it was over 3 hours- but worth it. The tour starts off slow, but really gets you to know passengers on the ship and what their lives were like. Of course, we all know how the story ends, but you learn new things- there was even a German version of the Titanic movie! (It was propaganda in 1943 and created by the infamous Goebbels).

We spent so long in the museum, that it was pint time! Went to a famous pub in Belfast, and got to sit in one of the little cubbies that older bars have. Of course, we get locked in… have to stand on the seats and flag someone down to let us out!


The next day we had a full tour of Belfast and some famous Northern Ireland spots with a BlackCab. This was an incredible deal- a cab, all to ourselves, with a knowledgable driver taking us through the (still) sketchy and dangerous areas of Belfast (see here for the peace wall!)


, and then up North to the Giant’s Causeway, Carrick-a-rede rope bridge, and a few scenes from the Game of Thrones. Can’t also forget the Bushmills Distillery!

10399983_10202684869548440_2016653024912786258_n 1609718_10202684871428487_6971183632538576447_n

The scenery up in this part of the country was unbelievable. I had been up here in February with Mom, but Belfast was so cold and depressing back then. It was a whole other creature in the sun, but as you can tell- still a little chilly in July!

After this trip, exhausted from a full tour day, we headed back to my Dublin apartment and looked forward to a few days of slower paced life.

Next up- West Ireland on Cheaney Adventure part 2!


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