Summer 2014, June

Summer has been a blur- maybe that’s because it was about half of the normal summer length that I am used to! 

Home for all of May, visitors almost every day from June 28-July 20, Visits to other countries, and one more set of visitors before the month is through… Whew. 

Arrived back in Ireland in June, then went to Ibiza (over here, they prounce it “I-beef-a” or “I-beeth-a” and it’s very disorienting). Was great to say that I’ve gone, but it’s not my scene. I think I only took a few pictures- it wasn’t pretty besides the boat trip that we took, and it’s a party island. Picture from right when we got there, and jumped on the beach- 

Ibiza, day 1

Ibiza, day 1

It was awesome to be on a beach again, but late nights and pounding club beats do not make for a very happy Sara. One of these “Might as well, check it off the bucket list” things. 


After that, had a calm few days- then CATHERINE AND THOMAS stopped in! They were visiting Catherine’s sister at St. Andrews and hitting up London on the way, so they figured- might as well have a little Irish holiday as well! 

Guinness Trip, it's tradition!

Guinness Trip, it’s tradition!

riding the double decker tour bus

riding the double decker tour bus

We had a great few days- hit up the important locations (As you can see, Guinness was one) and got to spend time together. We walked to a pub called The Schoolhouse, which was new for me too. That wraps up June- next, the marathon month of July! 


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