Enough with trying to go back and retrace all my moves since I have been in Irelad- I think that is what has been holding me back with this blog! I had a long post ready, pictures included, and my computer shut down shortly before i was in the USA for May. Disheartening. 

So, for the present. 

Today, I discovered that Ireland has a TV tax. What is that? Oh you know, if you have a TV you are required to pay 160 euro a year. Not very accommodating to foreigners, apparently it is to help fund the state-run TV network programming. If you are tempted to not pay, beware- they will knock on your door to check and see if you are telling the truth. Sounds like a police state… 

Maybe I can pay that with the moey I will (hopefully) be getting back from my company and the Irish Government! I was supposed to fill out a “Form 12A”… alas, I have been paying “Emergency Tax” so this month over 50% of my paycheck went toward the lovely people of this country. I like it here, but not that much 😉 

This past weekend, I had a 2 friends visit. One is French/Italian and one (that I just met Friday) is French, and they live in London, but met while they lived in Houston, TX a few years back. Got it? Enough nationalities? I was able to show them a sunny weekend in Dublin, with some Guinness and Jameson thrown into the mix. One even said “Who would have thought I would be sunbathing on a terrace in Dublin this weekend, while my friends are stuck in rainy London.” I think that people over estimate how much rain Dublin actually gets- it passes through very quickly. 

This weekend should be very calm, as the next month is going to be a whirlwind… 

June 19-22 : Ibiza with friends from work (chaos)

Weekend of the 27th: Catherine and Thomas are here!


July 14-15 : Company meeting, somewhere in Europe, TBD….

July 17-19 : Chamberlains come through the Emerald Isle

Mid August- Elizabeth and Sarah Beth are coming over! 

So much fun, and here’s to hoping for more consistent (and present) blog posts to come. 




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