After I got home from London, I began a long wait… I didn’t want to jinx my second application to the Irish, so I started making plans about going to England if it didn’t work out. Of course, the office in England is like in the middle of nowhere, London is pricey and the exchange rate is horrible… BUT It was an option. I had to keep busy, but I was still working from home. I know my mom and dad loved it!

First up, one of my best friends got married!


Then came Thanksgiving…


Missed my family that was over in Oregon, but we were able to use technology and face time with them.

Then, another sad event- one of our dogs, Molly, passed away. She had been sick for a while, but had seemed to be on the mend after a scary bout in August. At this point, I was really ready for 2013 (aka worst year ever) to be over. Her sister Maggie seemed not to know what to do for a while, but is still trucking along in her old age. They were from the same litter, and had been together every day of their lives. That was the beginning of December.


It got closer to Christmas, and I was thinking that I wouldn’t hear about the permit until after the New Year- but on December 23rd, I got a voicemail from my manager that said I was going to Ireland! Promptly told my mom, and we started crying. A mixture of relief, excitement, sadness, all of it. Then we had to go to Zumba, so we dried the tears.

I wasn’t looking forward to Christmas after everything this year, and didn’t feel too much of the holiday spirit. The fam was understanding, and we had my Grandparents on my Dad’s side here for Christmas and then went to Kiawah on Christmas day. It was good to get away, and the beach was peaceful. Michael and I jumped in the Ocean as a “Polar Plunge” to say ADIOS to 2013.




After heading home, January was a blur. A mixture of goodbye parties, disbelief that I was moving, and tying up some loose ends.


Next up- what did I bring, and the move over!


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