AS much as I enjoyed learning about a new city, I was eager to get to London. I knew it, could comfortably take public transport, and they spoke (almost) the same language that I did. I had never been to the main Citrix office there- it was in fact outside the city. An hour outside. Oh, and did I mention that it was called Chalfont and there was a train station as well as a Tube station? in two separate parts of town, but with the same name? Yea, no one from work mentioned that either.  On my first day there, I took the Underground and ended up somewhere that did not have a taxi stand. I did not have a working UK cell phone, and there was no wifi…. So, I had to ask a stranger if they could call a cab for me- humbling, but it was easy. Turns out, this location was chosen because a former VP of my company worked out here in the Burbs and it was handy for him. He didn’t last very long, and so it remains here where the UK bases the operations. It was in a James Bond movie (Thunderball), so I guess that’s cool… Image Image Image

I worked here for a few days, and then worked from the location I had been to prior- near Liverpool St Station. Very easy to get to, but it seems like a “hotel” office- no one really has a permanent desk. I think that’s how some of the people in my company work- remote, and only in the City when they need to.

I met up with my friend Dave that I met way back in 2010 when I was studying abroad. He recommended a great lunch place as well as a dinner place! Who’da thunk it.




Amazing drinks- mine was the one with pink peppercorns. This restaurant had 360 degree views of London.

My friend Elizabeth from back home knew some people in London, who wanted to show me a good time since I had never been “out” in London at night- the last time I was here, I went to a concert (by myself) and took the Tube directly back to my hotel. Nice guys, and one of them ended up coming to visit the USA a few weeks after I was back home! The place I went to was super posh…


(Vig on the left, Adrien on the right)

Sooner than I planned, it was back to America… And still, waiting on that Irish work permit! At least I had Thanksgiving to look forward to. At this point, I wasn’t ready to move until 2014. 2013 was a bummer of a year, so might as well make the big move in the New Year!


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