IMG_2155Pictures from my iPhone (pre and post losing it…)

Running into my Dad at the AIrport! Got to hang out with him for an hour after he flew back from Chicago and before I flew out to Munich.


Then this happened…


But I found it! Or rather, Lufthansa Cleaning Crew found it and I was able to verify it was mine 🙂 Image

These next pictures are from the Bier Garten on a sunny Tuesday… I lucked out with the weather here. It snowed earlier this month! But most days were mid 60s-70. The guy in the picture is my colleague based in Munich, named Stefan.


Stefan treated me to lunch on Wednesday with a traditional hot sandwich… I think it’s most comparable to a thick cut bologna. I liked it- but probably not great for my health to have every day. Here is a link:


Views from outside the office balcony, and having a grill on Friday with my coworkersImageImage

Loved the office- so Ikea, so organized… so futurtisticImage

Pictures from my last day exploring in Munich… 72 degrees, bright fall day, enjoying a beer and a book at the Chinese tower (surrounded by probably a thousand other people) and a selfie by a museum. Oh yea, and my HUGE mexican meal that with a half-hearted Margarita cost 20 euro. Yea- that’s all the chips I was served- 9 chips.


This last picture was taken with the TripAdvisor CityGuide app, which is AMAZING because you don’t need internet! You download the app while you have wifi or cell service, and then it uses your iPhone’s location to help you with where you are going.

I love Munich, and I am so glad that I got some of the last beautiful weather to explore the old city.


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